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Small and big fragrance box with lid

small fragrance box  /Ø 12 cm.
big fragrance box / Ø 18 cm

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Our fragrance box with a lid made of pine wood with intensive fragrance chips Like all of our products, the fragrance box is made by hand. The box is first glued in an octagon and then brought into its round shape on the lathe. With this process, we can use the product “wood” in a more sustainable and economical manner, as there is hardly any waste when turning. The stone pine fragrance box is filled with resinous stone pine shavings, which we immediately separate and airtightly close when we cut the wood. Then the resinous components are crushed as required and filled into the fragrance cans. The can with the shavings exudes a soothing stone pine scent for up to 3 years. The fragrance box is best placed in the bedroom, where we can enjoy the calming scent of the stone pine at night to get a restful sleep. Open the lid at night and close it during the day so that our nose doesn’t get used to the aroma too quickly.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 22 cm

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